Approximately 7 million people in South Africa can't afford to feed themselves on a daily basis. 

2nd Harvest NPC supports Communities, ECDs, NGOs and existing Soup Kitchens with nutritionally balanced meals, which include:

1. Breakfast (6 months - 6 years): Vita Kidz Instant Energy Porridge

2. Lunch (All Ages): Hot nutritional meals, consisting of: protein, vegetables and carbohydrates


2nd Harvest (NPC) supports Communities, ECDs, Creches, NGOs and existing Soup Kitchens, by providing children between 6 months & 6 years with a smart nutritional breakfast, Vita Kidz energy porridge, as well as a nutritionally balanced hot meal for lunch for hungry persons of all ages. We have extended our services to provide hospitality training to disadvantaged community members to ensure future employment and a bright future. We aim to prepare and provide 2000 nutritional meals per day to communities in our Valley, Western Cape and South Africa.



There is a dire need in our country to empower the disadvantaged youth and to develop the hospitality skills required for them to be successful at work. This will enable them to provide for themselves and their families, and create future employment opportunities. We will train anyone who is willing to learn, giving them a basic skill, such as making a cup of coffee, and teach then the basics in business. In order for this program to work, children need to be fed from an early age, to fuel their brains, which is why we FEED their stomachs first, starting at a young age then we TEACH them.


We aim to alleviate hunger in our poor communities by opening up more kitchen facilities around South Africa. The 1st 1000 days of a child's life are the most important for development, which is why we have recently introduced a smart nutritional breakfast: Vita Kidz energy Porridge. Our goal is to be in the position to produce over 50 000 meals per day (Breakfast & Lunch), that can be distributed all over the country, to help our children have all the essentials to thrive in life, while creating a training platform that provides guidance and hope to our youth,  for future employment. 

See how far we have come and how far we plan to go, in order to eradicate hunger and poverty in South Africa.

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Our dream is slowly becoming a reality, thanks to the amazing support and assistance of the public and businesses across South Africa. We rely on the continued support of donors to help us achieve our goals.
— Mark Maingard